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Marketing is the most essential part of any organization as other aspects, specifically production is fruitless until it is utilized. It has been said that "Marketing is like heart and soul of the organization". It is not only vital but also the most difficult aspect of the programme. This Corporation has paid full attention to this aspect and the challenge has witnessed the 'Silver Jubilee Success'.
Seed Stores
Seed Store
Sale Centres


The Corporation has strong marketing network of Dealers and Distributors and Sale points of Public Sector Institutions for making available seeds to the farmers at their door-steps as per requirement in time. Corporation's marketing  Network constitutes the following sectors:

(i) Agricultural Seed Stores:

Various Sale points under the Agriculture Department of the State are engaged in these sale points are engaged in distribution of seed produced by the Corporation.

(ii) Cooperative Seed Stores:

Cooperative Seed Stores/Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies are in operation under Cooperative Department of the State for distribution of Agricultural Inputs including seeds of the Corporation. These sale points provide seed to the member-cultivators under the Crop Loan Scheme operated by the Cooperative bank through them. They also provide seed and other inputs to the cultivators who are not their members on 'cash and carry' basis.

(iii) Agro Industries Sale Outlets :
District wise sale outlets run by the Agro Industrial Corporation throughout the State are also engaged in distribution of seeds of the Corporation to the farmers. These sale outlets also provide other agricultural inputs along with seed.

(iv) Horticulture Department Sale Counters:
Horticulture Department are also engaged in distribution of vegetable and potato seeds specifically produced by the Corporation to the farmers of the State. These sale counters also provide technical knowledge through extension service to the cultivators regarding horticulture.

(v) Private Sector Distributors & Dealers:
35 distributors and 3000 dealers in the private sector are also distributing seeds of the Corporation throughout the India.

Apart from above sale points of national level organizations like CFCL, NAFED, IFFCO, KRIBHCO are also distributing  Pantnagar seeds through their sale points.

All the above sale points provide seed to the cultivators, along with other agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, implements etc. under 'one window delivery system'. The network, over-all, is in a position to provide seeds of the Corporation, to the farmers within a radius of 5 kms. from their door-step.

The Corporation has a strong network of Dealers and Distributors in other States also. In case of Bihar, distribution is make mainly through large number of private sector distributors and dealers. In West Bengal, apart from strong network of private sector distributors and dealers, the seeds are also distributed through the sale points of West Bengal State Seeds Corporation, and other Appex body of Govt. of West Bengal. In Assam, the distribution is made mainly through the State Seeds Corporations on specific orders like in other States of the Country.

DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM                                                                           
As per terms and conditions set-out by the Corporation, the distribution agency has to reserve its accepted indent almost 4 months before actual sale time covered with 10% advance. Crop/variety-wise Seeds are made available at the Regional Godowns according to the reservation made by different distribution agencies. The seeds are delivered from the godowns of the Corporation to distribution agencies on payment of its balance cost or under definite payment arrangements at the dealers price and margin for local transport. These distribution agencies sell the stock to the farmers at the retail rates fixed by the Government. The dealers get the commission of 9% and the distributor between 2.5 and 4.25% on slab basis which is quite remunerative to them.

In case of States other than Uttaranchal and U.P., the stock is supplied by Wagons/Trucks directly to the dealers on payment of 25% advance and remaining cost through Bank/Regional Office before delivery of the Railway receipts. The Dealers and Distributors also get stocks from our buffer godowns.

PUBLICITY AND SALE PROMOTION                                                               
The Corporation arranges publicity for popularising its products, with the objective that the farmers achieve maximum benefits from the Corporation's seeds through its proper use with recommended package of practices and become conscious for utilizing only quality certified seeds. The media of publicity used are; participation in national, regional and local exhibitions, distribution of information by Pamphlets besides Print & Electronic media.

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